Why does the room need ventilation?

Why does the room need ventilation? How do it

A variety of factors affect our comfort and health. And in order for the housing to be comfortable for living, it will be necessary to create an optimal microclimate in it. The composition of the air depends on how it enters the room. Modern living quarters are equipped with reliable soundproofing and also have a ventilation system. The ventilation system provides a constant flow of fresh air into the room, which has a positive effect on human health.

Therefore, the correct installation of the ventilation system in the room is extremely important, because the comfort and health of the people staying in it depends on it.

The importance of ventilation in the living space

In a modern living space, a high-quality ventilation system is extremely important due to the following features:

– An increase in the concentration of harmful substances in the air due to furniture and modern building materials;

– In the process of human activity in the room, carbon dioxide can be formed;

– Active use of heaters can lead to a change in the chemical composition of the air;

– Various textiles also contaminate the air. As a result, various small substances can accumulate in it;

– When there are animals in the house, the need for good ventilation increases even more. After all, animal hair can worsen the composition of the air and, accordingly, a constant supply of fresh air is required. In addition, if you do not provide a supply of fresh air, then there is a risk of an allergic reaction.


There are several types of such systems. Ventilation of air in a room can be carried out in several ways: natural and forced. The implementation of each of the types can be carried out in several ways:

– Natural. The principle of operation of such systems lies in the thrust, which occurs naturally;

– Forced. In such ventilation there is a special device that provides a constant flow of air.

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