Product price tag as a sales engine

Product price tag as a sales "engine" How do it

The main task of the price tag is to inform the consumer about how much a particular type of product costs. In modern conditions, price tags are necessary and obligatory attributes of trade. They not only orient potential buyers in the available assortment, but also significantly relieve the seller. In addition, price tags may reflect information about promotions and sales held by the store.

The main information that a filled-in price tag may contain is regulated by a special legislative act – “Rules for the sale of certain types of goods”. At the same time, the rules for the design of price tags in the same style do not exclude the possibility of introducing individual elements on the price tags – an icon symbolizing a discount or a certain color. But such elements should not violate uniformity and dominate the design, occupying an insignificant part of the price tag area.

The following must be displayed on the price tag without fail: the name of the trade organization, the name of the product in a legible font, the price per unit of production (packaging, piece, unit of weight), the grade of the product, the date of registration, the signature of the responsible employee. For the registration of price tags for some specific types of goods (for example, jewelry), there are separate mandatory requirements provided for by law.

Price tags must also correspond to the documents establishing certain prices for goods. The duty of the seller is to provide the consumer with reliable information about the product in a timely manner, helping to make the right choice.

The bright appearance of the price tag, large numbers, additional fields for information – all this can draw the attention of the consumer to the most unremarkable product. Today, each trade organization has the opportunity to order price tags with a unique design for their products. This common marketing ploy works great as a tool to attract customers, being the “engine” of sales.

It is very important that the price tag is easy to understand and understandable to the buyer, so that the latter does not have the impression that they are trying to deceive him by hiding any information about the product. Clear and accurate price tags are the first step to gaining customer confidence in a retailer. Therefore, their registration and timely replacement are of such great importance in trade.

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