Nanny interview questions

How do it

What day of the week do you prefer for your weekend?
In your previous job, did you have weekends all Sundays?
Were you eligible for holidays at your last job?
Would you work on weekends to earn extra income?
Is there anything else you do to make extra money?
How far do you live?
Would you go to someone else’s place if you need a day off?
How do you get to work?
Can you come back soon?
Do you work part-time?

Daily Routine and Scheduled Questions to Ask a Potential Nanny
What’s your daily routine?
Do you have children?
What if I deliver earlier or later?
Need a nap in the afternoon?
What time do you get up in the morning?
How often do you go for a medical check-up?
What responsibilities do you need to fulfill in your family?
are you allergic to anything?

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