How to remove stains on baby clothes

How to remove stains on baby clothes How do it

Children’s clothes are like an artist’s canvas – clean in the morning, and in the evening on them you can read the whole story of the child’s adventure over the past day. The washing of children’s masterpieces will be just as interesting and rich.

Stains that are difficult to remove often make you throw away your favorite items. But such troubles can be avoided if you know how to properly wash certain stains. Only dry cleaning will help to cope with the most stubborn dirt.

But you can try some stains on your own with the help of improvised means.

Strawberry juice stains can be removed well with vodka. It is necessary to wipe the contamination with a cotton pad or cloth, abundantly soaked in vodka, until the stain disappears. This method is very effective and the process does not take long.

Milk or ice cream stains must be washed immediately under running water, and then washed with powder or baby soap.

Paint stains can be removed well with gasoline or ammonia solution.

Juice stains can be removed with hot salt solution (a glass of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of salt), cold vinegar solution (100 ml of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar), or hot milk.

Flower and grass stains can be removed well with alcohol or hot brine.

Antipyatin soap can be distinguished among modern stain removers. It perfectly removes fresh and stubborn stains of blood, herbs, tea, fruit and grease. Washing powder “Eared nanny” removes dirt well. Even when washed by machine, it does its job perfectly, and, moreover, does not cause allergies and skin irritations.

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