How to organize a surprise for your beloved?

How do it

We need surprises, pleasant surprises. They help to surprise, please, improve the impression of oneself at the stage of development of relations, make bright notes, revive well-established ties, family life. It is not necessary to wait for this birthday, date. Pleasant surprises are always appropriate and will be gratefully accepted if properly organized.

Now there is no need to limit your imagination, the possibilities are almost endless. The main thing is that the surprise is consistent with the preferences, interests of the beloved woman, really like it. If the surprise is organized as a birthday greeting, you can hire artists to serenade her outside the window or meet her at work dressed as cartoon characters, give her a basket of flowers, and sing a song. You can decorate the room with colorful compositions, turn it into a fabulous garden.

A romantic trip in a limousine or a carriage through memorable places will be a pleasant surprise. The route will be the place of the first meeting, the first kiss, the most memorable date. Perhaps the end point will be a hotel, in which a room for newlyweds is rented.

You can arrange an unusual date for your beloved. It will take place in a beautiful place on the river bank, in a meadow, at the edge of a forest, on the roof of a multi-storey building. The modern catering service is ideal for setting a beautiful table anywhere, preparing exotic dishes. You can invite a photographer who will arrange a photo session, capture a memorable event.

Small surprises can await during a regular walk. Walking down the street, the girl hears musicians performing her favorite music, the artist is already finishing painting her portrait, and the seller offers to buy a glossy magazine dedicated to her. Such a “day of miracles” will surely be remembered and will amaze the girl.

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