How to do a back massage?

How to do a back massage? How do it

Back massage is one of the important components of treatment for various diseases, it is necessary for athletes, this procedure helps to relieve back pain. Correctly performed massage will provide the body with serious benefits, therefore, by mastering its technique, you can help your loved ones get rid of fatigue, stress, and improve their health.

Back massage helps to improve blood circulation, remove accumulated toxins from muscles, increase joint mobility, and relieve tension. In carrying out the procedure, you can use oil, which must first be warmed up.

We do a back massage:

The beginning of the massage is light stroking of the back with the entire palm from the lower back to the neck, which are carried out for about 15 minutes. After the muscles have warmed up, you can start rubbing. In this case, various movements are used. First, you need to stroke your back, but pressure with your palms is applied. Then the lumbar is “sawed”, and the arms move in a spiral. The whole rubbing procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Now you need to knead the muscles, for which pressure, tapping, pinching are used. This stage begins from the forearm area. To increase the pressure, one hand is superimposed on the other. Beating is carried out with the edges of the palms, the tips of the fingers folded into a boat. Then all the muscles of the back must be spread and shifted, pinched, grabbing the skin with your hands. The entire kneading period lasts 10-15 minutes.

The final part of the massage is also stroking, which lasts about 5-8 minutes.

Regular back massage can help correct posture disorders that most often lead to lower back pain. The procedure will help to remove muscle spasms, which relieves the patient from pain.

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