How to choose socks?

How to choose socks? How do it

Socks play an important role in a man’s look, so you need to know the rules of etiquette so that the color of these accessories matches the suit perfectly, and they provide decent comfort. There are certain requirements regarding socks, observing which, you can achieve the creation of the perfect image. The choice of such goods is now great, so it will not be difficult to make the right purchase.

Ideally, the color of the socks should match the suit, but these accessories should be 1-2 shades lighter than the shoes. If you cannot make such a choice, you can only focus on the color of the trousers.

When creating a business image, it is not recommended to choose white socks, bright-colored accessories, with patterns, inscriptions, images of cartoon characters. Such socks can be used only for recreation, walking around the city, where the severity and brevity of the outfit is not required. Pattern on socks that are worn with a business suit, maybe, but it should be small, English cage is also allowed.

When choosing the length of the socks, it should be borne in mind that the bare leg should not be visible, even if you are sitting with your legs crossed.

Even if you want to be elegant, show your good taste, you should not overdo it. Silk accessories are worn only with a tailcoat, tuxedo. In other cases, it is better to buy socks made of cotton, woolen knitwear. It is allowed to add lycra in the amount of 2 percent and synthetic thread in the amount of 5% to ensure elasticity, increase the service life. In this case, the skin of the legs will “breathe”, sweating is excluded.

The elastic of the socks should be tight enough, but the leg should not be squeezed.

For a week, a man needs at least seven pairs of socks, since they must be changed daily.

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