How to choose colored lenses?

How to choose colored lenses? How do it

Contact colored lenses that appeared not so long ago immediately found a large number of fans all over the world. They presented the opportunity to radically change their appearance, to become more attractive. For those who have wanted to have blue, green or brown eyes all their lives, there is an opportunity to turn their dream into reality.

Contact lenses can be colorless, colored, or tinted.

If colored lenses are suitable for all eyes, due to the high color intensity, then tinted lenses can only be purchased by owners of light eyes, they will not be able to change the brown color.

Colored lenses can be used by patients who have visual impairments and need correction, and those who do not need it. However, a visit to a specialist is necessary in both cases. Only an ophthalmologist can choose the correct color or tinted contact lenses, taking into account the results of an eye examination.

In special medical institutions, you can use a computer program that selects tinted or colored lenses, focusing on the patient’s natural eye color. You can see how they change their appearance, and choose the lenses that do it most successfully. A large number of shades allows everyone to make the perfect choice. The final decision is made after trying on the selected colored lenses.

After purchasing the lenses, the doctor will definitely give detailed recommendations for the care of the lenses. The lenses get used to it quickly enough, it is not difficult to handle them, therefore they can be used even for children. Properly selected contact colored lenses do not cause negative effects, but they need to be changed in a timely manner and all the rules of wearing and care must be strictly observed.

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