How to choose cane strollers?

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Baby strollers are very convenient to use. The variety of models from different manufacturers makes it difficult to choose. That is why, before buying, it is necessary to consider several important rules.

The back of the stroller-cane

When choosing a cane stroller, you need to take into account the age of your child. If the baby is less than one and a half years old, the stroller should have an adjustable backrest. Small children often fall asleep while walking, so it is necessary to change the position of the back in time. If the child is more than one and a half years old, you can give preference to a good cane stroller with a fixed back.

The cane stroller is indispensable on vacation. Going to the sea or another long walk, it must be borne in mind that regardless of age, if a child is under three years old, he wants to sleep. That is why it is better to choose a stroller with an adjustable backrest.

Stroller cane visor

Many modern models of strollers are equipped with a convertible visor or hood. This attribute will protect your baby from sun or rain. Comfort and convenience will be created by special raincoat covers. In order to protect your child from mosquitoes, you can choose a stroller equipped with a mosquito net.

Canes stroller wheels

When choosing a stroller, you need to pay attention to the quality of the wheels, which should be made of good soft plastic. For walking in the snow or off-road, a cane stroller with large wheels is perfect. Experts advise choosing models equipped with a lock for swivel wheels.

Walking stick safety

All parents are worried about the safety of their baby. Therefore, when choosing a cane stroller, give preference to models with a bumper bar. She will hold the child with sudden movements and will not let him fall. If the bumper is no longer required, it can be removed.

Many modern models are equipped with five-point seat belts. They will provide not only a comfortable, but also an absolutely safe walk. When choosing a cane stroller, you should pay attention to the quality of all fasteners, because not only the service life of the stroller, but also the health of the child may depend on this.

The weight of the stroller-cane

Typically, the average weight of a cane stroller is 2.5 to 7 kg. Weight depends on the number of functions the stroller is equipped with. If you often have to carry the stroller on you, it is better to choose models with a lower weight. Many manufacturers equip strollers with a special carrying strap, which is very convenient to use.

When choosing a cane stroller, give preference to only trusted manufacturers.

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