How to choose boots?

How to choose boots? How do it

There is no doubt that shoes must be beautiful and stylish, but they must perform their main functions with high quality – to warm feet and provide comfort. One of the most comfortable models is considered to be boots, which have become incredibly popular this year. To choose the right shoes, you need to take into account not only fashion trends, but also professional advice that will help determine the quality of the shoes.

Before you go to a shoe store, you should take into account that demi-season and winter boots have some differences. If models for spring and autumn can be made of soft leather, their insulation is thin, and the inner layer is fabric, in winter shoes the top layer should be more durable, and the highest quality insulation for these shoes is natural fur.

If the boots are tall, the insoles will help maintain the correct microclimate, the main layer of which is made of latex of a porous structure with the addition of activated carbon, and the top coating is fabric. Such insoles not only perfectly absorb moisture, but also create conditions in which bacteria and fungi do not multiply.

Boots should have a special pad in the heel area, which is necessary for a firm fixation of the foot. Such a detail is sewn in two tracks. An overlay is also required in the toe area, which guarantees durability, protects the foot from impacts. It is also sewn in two lines.

Glue and stitching are used to hold the sole and upper part of the boots together, which should be visible. It is advisable that the stitching is done in two or three tracks, which will provide the shoe with strength.

The boots must reliably protect the feet from moisture penetration, which provides a design in which the tongue goes into the sidewalls and there is a tight lacing.

When shopping for high-heeled boots, you need to apply pressure to the instep to make sure the heel does not tilt back.

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