How to choose a swimsuit for a curvy girl?

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With the onset of summer, owners of curvaceous forms often face real stress – the choice of a swimsuit. This is beachwear that exposes all the flaws of the figure, which were previously hidden behind flying fabrics and carefully selected styles. However, now swimwear is purchased not only for girls whose parameters are close to ideal. You can choose a lot of interesting options for girls with curvaceous forms.

So, first of all, pay attention to the fabric. It should be tight enough. For example, it can be lycra fabric. It is necessary that the swimsuit fits exactly on the figure – it does not hang and does not overtighten. Don’t go for shiny fabrics – they add volume to your figure. For the same reason, you should abandon the popular knitted swimwear today.

Color will be of great importance. This is the case when the print is practically necessary. A narrow vertical strip is ideal. In addition, it can be colored triangular inserts in the waist area – they visually stretch your figure.

Overweight girls usually have very beautiful breasts. Feel free to show it off – in the case of a swimsuit, this is perfectly appropriate. Choose models with deep V-necklines. The bodice can be very bright.

The style itself plays an important role. It should be chosen according to your body type. If this is an “apple”, then a closed swimsuit would be the ideal option. If you have a pear-shaped figure, it is worth looking at models that have a skirt-panties. If you have chunky shoulders, go for swimwear with narrow shoulder straps and wear them with a pareo.

In principle, closed swimsuits are better suited for overweight beauties. However, if your figure is in the correct proportions, you can opt for a two-piece swimsuit as well. Choose models in which the panties have a high waist. First, it will hide some of the flaws. Secondly, this style is in trend this season.

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