How to choose a graduate gown?

In European states, the gowns for graduates and students How do it

In European states, the gowns for graduates and students of educational institutions have been used since the Middle Ages. Recently this tradition has come down to us. On the solemn and long-awaited day of receiving diplomas of graduation from a higher educational institution, graduates put on robes and put on special confederate caps, which makes the ceremony even more important.

When choosing a mantle and a hat, it is necessary, first of all, to be guided by the requirements that are imposed on them in this higher educational institution. Not all institutes and universities use classic black colors in combination with a red or yellow collar or hood. There are places where it is customary to wear robes and hats of other colors, for example, bright blue. Various types of finishes are also used, the color of the tassel on the cap, which can be golden.

There are generally accepted rules that dictate the correct wearing of a confederate cap. Before graduation, her tassel should be on the right side, and after the graduate receives the long-awaited document, he changes his hat, placing the tassel on the left side, which means getting the title.

The gown should be below the knee length, the skirt or dress that is worn under the gown should not show from under it. In order to fully comply with the requirements, it is necessary to choose the right basic clothing. Girls can wear a dress or a skirt with a blouse, while young people should wear black trousers and a light shirt. A tie is a must for a graduate.

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