How to choose a blush?

How to choose a blush? How do it

If you haven’t applied blush before applying makeup, be sure to correct this mistake. Correctly selected shade of this product and the area of ​​application will allow you to ideally correct the oval, give the face freshness, make it more attractive and delicate. One has only to get acquainted with the properties of blush to make the right choice.

When choosing a shade, you should focus on the natural skin color. Stylists advise fair-skinned girls to use pink blush. Dark-skinned women can choose for themselves a blush of beige-pink, raspberry shade. There is also a universal shade – peach remedy.

Classic blush has a powdery consistency. Since they are easy to apply and are ideal for all skin types, they are the most popular. Such funds are not only ideally evenly distributed over the epidermis, but also perfectly mask all existing shortcomings. In order to get a natural effect, the blush must be applied after the powder. Another advantage of these products is that they can be mixed to create your own color.

For dry skin of the face, blush with the consistency of a cream is suitable. The composition of these funds additionally includes moisturizing components, vegetable oils. Blush is applied to the foundation with the help of fingertips. It is advisable to powder them a little. The disadvantage of these funds can be attributed to the fact that they should not be used without foundation, since in this case they are quickly erased.

Older women should buy gel blush. They can be applied to foundation or directly onto previously cleansed skin. Such products are easy to apply, last excellently for several hours and perfectly refresh the face.

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