How to build nails?

How to build nails? How do it

The perfect manicure is essential for every modern lady. Unfortunately, our own nail plates sometimes do not meet the requirements, they cannot provide the hands with an excellent look. In this case, a great opportunity is nail extension, which will give your nails a decent design.

There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to stick the finished artificial nails. They can be purchased at specialized stores. The nail plates are prepared, degreased, a base is applied, then a special glue that will hold the false nails. The abundance of shades and shapes makes it possible to make a good choice. But, it should be noted that such nails look unnatural.

Extension can be done with tips and tissue patches. To do this, you need to purchase plastic tips, taking into account the required size and shade, stick them on the prepared plates, leaving half of the nail uncovered. Then the tips are strengthened with a fabric: linen, fiberglass or silk.

The most reliable extension methods are used in beauty salons. This is the creation of artificial nails from acrylic or gel. If there are loose nail tips, molds are used. If they are not there, tips are used.

Nails are carefully processed, then forms are fixed under the free tips or tips are glued on. After that, a layer of acrylic or gel is applied to the required length. The gel is dried under an ultraviolet lamp. The acrylic mixture hardens on its own in a few seconds.

In order to give the extended nails the necessary strength, two or three layers of material are applied. After the last of them dries completely, the nails are given the required shape.

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